secure payment



The settlement of your order is exclusive via secure online payment using your credit card: Visa, Carte Bleue and Eurocard Mastercard.


The information you provide on your credit card (number and expiry date) are recorded directly and solely on the server of the Société Géneral bank. All this information remains confidential.


We do not store any information related to credit card payments.


3D Secure


One of the solutions to fight against fraud is to authenticate the way of enhanced cardholder, particularly for riskier transactions; such as 3D-Secure allows the most common mechanism now in France and abroad.


3D-Secure is a system for authenticating the holder of a payment card so strengthened on the occasion of an Internet purchase.


Buyer should enter a passcode disposable, received mostly by SMS to your mobile, to validate the payment of its purchases. Once the code is entered on the site, the purchase is confirmed.